Arabian Business International Women's Day discussion

Women’s Day: Roundtable video discussion on the changing roles of women at work

Simply increasing women’s labour force participation and eliminating discriminatory barriers could raise productivity by as much as 25 percent in some economies.

One third of women-run enterprises in the UAE generate revenue in excess of US$100,000, while female-founded companies create over 60 percent more value for investors than those founded by men.

Gender gaps in women’s entrepreneurship and labour force participation account for an estimated total income loss of 27 percent in the Middle East and North Africa.

Clinical Psychologist Dr Saliha Afridi, SVP DAMAC Properties Amira Sajwani, Women’s Rights Advocate Manal Omar and Director of Kibsons Halima Jumani discuss the changing role of women at work, challenges faced by them, and the ultimate goal of where women need to be in this week’s AB Roundtable.

Watch the round table conference video discussion

Source: Arabian Business

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