Construction on Santorini cluster at DAMAC Lagoons to start in Q1 2022, says Amira Sajwani

As community living continues to gain popularity among investors across the region, particularly in Dubai, DAMAC Properties has launched its third masterplan, DAMAC Lagoons, its latest community.

Located adjacent to the DAMAC Hills community, DAMAC Lagoons features eight cities inspired by countries based on the waters of the Mediterranean Sea. These clusters include, Santorini, Venice, Morocco, Costa Brava, Nice, Malta, Andalucia, and Portofino.

Construction Week spoke exclusively to Amira Sajwani, General Manager – Sales and Development at DAMAC Properties, to get detailed insights about the project.

She said: “The concept of community living is rapidly evolving. DAMAC Lagoons will be a water-inspired living. We are going to have a lagoon that will trail through the entire project and connect it together. Our vision behind this project was to allow our residents to escape city life.”

On 1 November the developer launched Santorini, which is one of the eight clusters within the community. The next cities to come in the future will be Venice, Morocco, Costa Brava, Nice, Malta, DeLuca, and Portofino.

Santorini will comprise 930 units in total, divided into townhouses and standalone villas. It will be the Central Hub of the community. It will feature a Fitness & Wellness Zone equipped with a climbing wall as well as a floating cinema in addition to bicycle tracks.

According to Sajwani, the launch of Santorini is based on the theme of a Greek city. “If you look at the design of our project, it is based on the white and the blue and the feel of Greece.”

Talking further about the design process for Santorini, Sajwani said: “We were all very involved in the design process. We had a long brainstorming session with our in-house team to see how we could give the Greek feel to Santorini. It was a combination of our creative team and [department] heads to come together with the development team to see how we could create an architecture based on a Greek mode.

“Our development, sales, and marketing team have been working very closely to connect all of the links of the path. It was an integrated process,” Sajwani recalled.

Sharing exclusive details about the start of construction activities at Santorini within DAMAC Lagoons, Sajwani noted: “We are anticipating to start [construction] immediately. We have already started the documentation for the tender process. We will get a contractor on site very soon to atleast start the basic initial work. Construction will start in Q1 of 2022.”

“Our anticipated completion for the first cluster, Santorini, is October 2024. That is three years from now,” she added.

Source: Construction Week

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