My hacks for improving your work-life balance

My hacks for improving your work-life balance (using the time you have available)

Taking care of yourself should always be a priority, whether in terms of your physical, mental or emotional health. Not only does personal wellbeing underpin our happiness, but it can affect everything else around us.

We all understand this at some level, but prioritising wellbeing in our everyday lives can be a real challenge. Whether you’re juggling your personal life with a packed work schedule, full-time education or childcare, it’s all too easy to forget that we have needs too.

But enough about the challenges; let’s talk solutions. How can we improve our wellbeing without compromising our careers, education or families? Here are my favourite (and, most importantly, simple) ways to incorporate wellbeing into even the most hectic of lifestyles.

Healthy body, healthy mind

I know, I know… You’re probably thinking: ‘Given the problem is my busy schedule, how am I supposed to find the time to go to the gym?’ Well, while these facilities are admittedly an excellent way to improve your state of mind as well as your physical health, they’re not the only option available to you.

For example, walking is a great way to increase your activity levels without eating into your personal time. In addition to providing a range of significant and long-lasting health benefits, such as weight loss, mood improvement, a strengthened immune system and increased energy levels, this gentle exercise can also help prevent diseases such as cancer and diabetes.

Personally, I find that walking can be incorporated into any part of my day, whether attending a meeting in person rather than remotely or taking a stroll to my favourite café instead of driving. Even the smallest effort to make walking a part of your daily routine can lead to major improvements in your work-life balance (even while at work). Win-win!

And if you’re ready to really kick-start your wellbeing journey, why not join in with the Dubai 30X30 Fitness Challenge? This initiative encourages us to engage in 30 minutes of activity per day for 30 days. It’s already started, but there’s no harm in jumping on board halfway.

Keep your brain active

As the old saying goes, a change is as good as a rest. Rather than slumping in front of your television after a hard day at work (we’ve all been guilty of this), why not use the same time to learn a skill or hobby?

For me, the primary benefit of taking up a new pastime is the mental stimulation involved, but it doesn’t necessarily need to be challenging. Whether you develop an interest in reiki or rocket science, the most important thing is that you enjoy yourself.

Finding a new hobby can be a brilliant way to revitalise your life and introduce some much-needed enjoyment to your schedule. Again, you may be thinking: ‘I don’t have the time to take up a new hobby!’ I hear you but, in my experience, if you find an activity you love, you’ll make time – thus automatically improving your work-life balance.

Dedicate time to yourself and others

One of the most rewarding ways to take back control of your work-life balance is by volunteering for a worthy cause. In fact, studies have shown that giving back to others can improve your mental health while making you feel more connected to your community.

From a personal perspective, I am a passionate supporter of the Hussain Sajwani-DAMAC Foundation (HSDF), which aids marginalised sectors of society, helps deliver valuable educational programmes, and facilitates forward-thinking programmes such as the Fresh Slate initiative.

Even so, it doesn’t matter which cause you choose to support because offering your time and skills to others not only helps your intended beneficiaries but also has a beneficial impact on your own wellbeing.

And as is the case with hobbies and interests, once you find a charitable endeavour that is aligned with your values, you will make time for it.

A different approach

As you’ve probably gathered, my opinion is that improving your work-life balance is not only about finding more time for yourself; it’s about making the most of the time you have. Exercise, hobbies and volunteerism all place demands on your time but, providing you are passionate about the activities you pursue, they will have an immensely positive impact on your wellbeing.

Whatever you choose to do, I guarantee it will be better than spending hours in front of the TV.